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I always tell my clients to have a blog because it's so good for their website and their business!

I guess it's time I should Practice What I Preach...!

Monday, 28 August 2023 11:11

CJ on Carte Blanche Media with Darrell White

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I had a blast being on Carte Blanche Media with Darrell White !

CJ on Carte Blanche Media with Darrell White
Tuesday, 08 August 2023 04:20

Ask A Web Geek Merch by Sticker Mule

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I've been having so much fun creating stickers and other cool promotional items through Sticker Mule!

They made it super easy and affordable to start to get different kinds of promotional items for my podcast and youtube channel, Ask a Web Geek.

I started with the round 3" x 3" stickers (center) and then got some of the die cut stickers (center bottom). You can see both of those here, as well as key chains (top) and a coaster (far left):

Ask A Web Geek Merch by StickerMule

They have really great deals and if you get on their mailing list, you'll be alerted when they have a special promotion. (Which they do, ALL the time!) In addition to the above, I've also now gotten T-Shirts and Magnets and several different kinds of stickers.

I had a blast being on Faith on Friday Presents with Rikki Smith !

CJ on Faith on Friday Presents with Rikki Smith

Faith on Friday Presents - CJ Gilbert

Websites; I know right?! We need one for business. We need it to look professional, but how does a website really work?

Monday, 01 May 2023 16:20

Announcing Social Media Jungle Club

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I'm so excited to announce a BRAND NEW thing I just created!

Perhaps you might know someone who would be interested?

need SUPPORT with Social Media?! JOIN the Club!

I talk to a lot of business owners who want to do more with Social Media but they just don't have the time or knowledge to do it themselves, and they don't have the budget to hire someone else to manage it for them.

I actually think it's better when a business owner can do it themselves and i want to make it easier and very affordable!

I am honored to have been on the Speaking With Influence Podcast with Debra Simpson !

CJ on Speaking With Influence with Debra Simpson
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