Social Media Workshop

We now offer a custom "Social Media Workshop" for your team!

Social Media Workshop for Business Teams in San Diego

The Social Media Workshop includes two personal training sessions (up to 2 hours each),
and a customized Daily Social Media Attack Plan.

In the first (two hour) in-person session...

  • You and your team will learn and participate as we discuss and workshop our social media strategy.
  • We will then analyze which social media platforms and markets appeal to your specific demographic.

Then, we create a customized daily plan for you to use each day as you attack social media!

After a few weeks of following the plan, we will have (at least) one more follow up session to...

Sign up your San Diego Office for our Social Media Workshop for Business Teams!
  • make sure the whole team understands everything,
  • see what questions and obstacles you've encountered, and
  • re-create / modify your daily plan, per your needs.

Your team will receive up to four hours of personal training,
and a customized Social Media Daily Attack Plan.

The training is available for presentation to your whole team and is a total of only $497.

Call or e-mail us today to schedule our Social Media Workshop for your team!'ll be glad you did!