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CJ offers Website Design / Online Training, Coaching & Consulting / Business Marketing in San Diego & beyond!

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How to Get Found on Google + CJ's SEO Strategy

NEW YouTube Playlist!

How to Get Found on Google + CJ's SEO Strategy

I created a playlist of my videos that talk about "SEO" type topics!

Get found on Google, building SEO (Search Engine Optimization), using Google my business, PLUS an easy-to-use strategy to naturally build up your website, your blog, your social media posts, your email campaigns and more!

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Hi, I'm C.J. Gilbert.

CJ Gilbert, Founder of GilbertStudios Website Design

I teach Business Owners & Entrepreneurs how to use their websites as their number one business tool so they can save time, make more money and serve their clients better, faster & easier!

CJ is available for one-on-one coaching, private classes or to speak to groups of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals about harnessing technology in your business and life, social media marketing, and more!

CJ strives to help as many people as possible to spread their unique message and gifts, and thereby collectively help millions.

» Learn More about his Website Design work at GilbertStudios.com
» Learn More about his Speaking and Request to Book Him at CJGilbert.live
» Learn More about his Secret Life as a Gamer & Watch LIVE at SpaceDesign27.com


Resources for you & your network...

CJ's Free Video Workshop

CJ's Free On-Demand Video Training

Learn the core principles to make your website WORK for your business!

This FREE Virtual Business Workshop contains 7 on-demand videos - less then 10 mins each - packed with important business information, challenging questions, enlightening exercises and valuable bonus resources!

CJ's Video Workshop


CJ's Podcast : Ask A Web Geek

CJ's Free LIVE Show - Ask a Web Geek

Weekly LIVE / Podcast / YouTube

Ask A Web Geek is a free weekly FB Live in which CJ dons his Web Safari hat and attempts to answer your every question about websites, marketing, online tools, technology and more!

Ask a Web Geek .com


Featured Geek Bytes Video Topics:

VIDEO: How to Use Business Networking to Promote your Small Business
How to Use Business Networking to Promote your Small Business
PLAYLIST: How to Get Found on Google + CJ's SEO Strategy
How to Create a Unique Secure Password You Can Actually Remember
PLAYLIST: How to Meet & Work Online with Zoom
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Recommended Website and Business Resources

We recommend checking out the following tools for your business and personal life.

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Favorite Business Networking Groups

Other Business Networking Groups in San Diego

Networking and referrals are the main way that I have grown my website design company in San Diego since 2006!

There are a ton of local groups that you can become involved with!

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Can they FIND you when they NEED you?

Inconsistent business location information across online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines could be costing you sales!

Business Directory Listings

You may need our PowerListings Service!

This service is going by a lot of names these days: Online Business Directory Listings, Online Reputation Management, Local Search SEO... The bottom line is you want and NEED to be found by your client at the moment they want to find you and on the device that they are using!

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Free Business Listing Scan



Make your website do more for your business!

CJ's Free On-Demand Video Training

5 Keys to Unlock the Profit Hidden in your Website

This free on-demand 7-pt video series will give you 5 Keys to Unlock the Mysteries of Your Website and Find its Hidden Profit.

Buckle up for a web-jungle tour that promises to reveal ways to improve your Search, Sales and Customer Service allowing you to Save Money, Save Time, and Serve your Clients Better, Faster & Easier!

Learn More & Sign Up at mywebsitesafari.com!

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