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C.J. Gilbert lives with his wife and 3 kids in La Mesa, CA. He first started in web design in 1995 and has been the CEO of GilbertStudios since founding it in 2004.

CJ has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners in San Diego and beyond with their websites and marketing needs. And he is constantly studying and learning more about social media, business, its operations, sales, and marketing.

CJ strives to help as many people as possible to spread their unique message and gifts, and thereby collectively help millions.

In addition to helping people grow their business, CJ helps people protect their assets and provide for their loved ones through mortgage protection policies, college savings programs, and tax-free retirement solutions.
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CJ is a professional pianist, singer and songwriter. He teaches piano and guitar to kids (and adults).

CJ loves to make people laugh and speak in accents and silly voices. He has appeared in numerous plays and sung in musical theater. And he just might consider lending his voice or characters to your commercial or animated film!

CJ is available for one-on-one coaching, private classes or to speak to groups of entrepreneurs, business owners and authors about harnessing technology in your business and life, social media marketing, and more!

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C.J. Gilbert, Speaker and Website Dude

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