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Have you considered using a Lead Magnet?

CJ's Free Guide on Lead Magnets

In my BRAND NEW guide, you will learn what a lead magnet is, why it is important to use one for your small business (both for your clients AND for yourself), and exactly how it works.
Then, explore our extensive list of ideas.

Which ones are right for you?

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Want to LEARN Social Media & need SUPPORT ?!

JOIN the Club!

Grow your Small Business Social Media with our Fun Club!

Not only will you Learn How to "DO" Social Media for your Business, you will be surrounded by a supportive community of other business owners taking action to grow each other's business.

You will learn exactly what to do, how to do it, and gain access to tools that help you to do more in less time!

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Do you know how people FIND your business?

Video: How Your Clients Find YOU and Not Your Competitor!

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MOST Business Owners don't even know this exists!

But THIS is how people these days find services and businesses using their mobile phone!

And you have GOT to know about it!

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CJ has had the honor of writing several books in his career. So far, one book to help entrepreneurs and business owners to use their website as a tool! And a second book, with the input of Life Coach "Captain Dan" to help individuals assess their current happiness and life direction.

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Five Golden Keys to Sharpen Your Website

Five Golden Keys to Sharpen Your Website

by CJ Gilbert

Most business owners aren't using their website to its fullest potential!

Begin to see your website as a tool to improve each aspect of your business.
== Refine your goals; Get more customers; Make more sales; Enhance customer service; Increase efficiency; Serve clients better, faster and easier; Make more money; Have more time.

This book is jam-packed with over 60 practical ideas to improve your website and ultimately your business!

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Captain Dan's Personal Assessment Quiz & Guide

Captain Dan's Personal Assessment Quiz & Guide

by Daniel Kramer and CJ Gilbert

In this brief quiz, there are no wrong answers. There are no ratings or grades - only your own assessment.
Answer the questions truthfully. Even if your answer is painful, embarrassing or difficult to explain, remember that the only way to be the "Captain of your Ship" is to be honest with yourself.

Take a look at the eight major areas of your life.
Discover where you feel you have the most challenges.

Also includes Dan's In-Sight Tips and Golden Nuggets of each topic.

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...as seen on Amazon!

on Amazon: Five Golden Keys to Sharpen Your Website
  • Gems of website wisdom ... short and poignant information done with humor ... entertaining. Well done CJ!
    -Attila T
  • Five super-effective ways for anybody looking to "do it yourself" and super-charge their website. A blueprint for a successful website!
    -David D
  • Passionate ... and knowledgeable! Read this book to learn how to improve the success of your website!
    -Holly A
  • Great book from the beginning to the end. The content is done really well, I learned something almost on every page!
    -Juan V
  • If you are responsible ... for your business, this is a must read. Great information ... easy to read. Grab a copy today!
    -David R


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