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Monday, 11 May 2020 11:11

Two Social Media Training Videos for You!

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Over the last few weeks, I have had the amazing opportunity to share some training on Social Media to a few different groups.

I was able to record them, so now I can share them with you! Buckle Up!

AaWG: Let's Learn Social Media

Let's Learn Social Media


In this "introduction to social media", CJ presents some key concepts and outlines your first few steps in the Social Media jungle!

Watch Now


AaWG: Let's Learn LinkedIn

Let's Learn LinkedIn


This one is a deep jungle trek exploring LinkedIn! We begin with an overview of general social media concepts before diving deep into the nuances and tools of LinkedIn!

Watch Now


Come back and tell me...

Did they help?

What was your favorite idea, or newly sparked idea since?

Let me know if you have any follow up questions!

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