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Monday, 01 April 2024 11:11

CJ on Life Coach in Your Pocket with Rachel Bailey

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I had a blast being on Life Coach in Your Pocket with Rachel Bailey !

Life Coach in Your Pocket with Rachel Bailey

Entrepreneurial Edge: Website Wisdom from a Digital Guru

In this episode of Life Coach In Your Pocket, Coach Rachel sits down with CJ Gilbert, an accomplished author, entrepreneur, and website developer. Together they delve into the role of a website in today's business landscape. Some entrepreneurs preach that a website isn’t necessary, and others suggest it is the most important tool you need. It can be confusing to know which advice is best.

So together Coach Rachel and CJ explore the pros and cons of utilizing a website verses another landing page or online resource.

CJ shares invaluable insights and practical advice as he reveals his top 5 tips for entrepreneurs looking to leverage their websites effectively to boost profitability. From optimizing website content to enhancing online visibility, CJ guides listeners on maximizing their online presence to drive sales and attract more customers. Tune in to this enlightening conversation and discover how to harness the power of your website for business success.

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