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Monday, 01 July 2019 16:20

Facebook Scam Alert

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A few weeks ago, I was the target of a Facebook scam.

Well... actually... I was the pawn and all my friends were the target!

I immediately went live (interrupting a meeting in progress!) to alert my friends to what was happening and how to "look for the signs" to avoid being fooled.

Here are some of the pages referenced:

FB: CJ's Personal Profile

FB: GilbertStudios Website Design

FB: C.J. Gilbert (Author/Speaker)

What can be done to avoid this?

The simplest answer is to edit your Facebook privacy settings. You want to set the visibility of your Friends to "Friends only" or "Only Me".

This won't prevent someone from cloning your account, but it will remove the list of people to target with it!

Hope this helps you avoid some hidden dangers in the web-jungle!


***UPDATE 07/15/19:

Guess what? I have found an affordable service to safeguard yourself (and your family) against all the various ways they are targeting your identity!

In fact, I think it is so important, I have added it as an official service of my business!

Please read more about our very important Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection service here.

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