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Monday, 23 March 2020 11:11

Turning Your Idea into Income

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A few months ago, I was honored to film an episode of a (then) upcoming video series designed to help new entrepreneurs build their business.

Given the troubles many entrepreneurs are facing, Rick Vazza decided to release his previously paid course "Idea to Income" to Youtube and his blog!

Turning Your Idea into Income

The (Now Free!) Ten Series Video Course to Starting And Scaling Your Business

Filled with customizable workbooks and templates, this self-paced series features interviews with subject matter experts to take you through each step of the business building process. Many of the experts interviewed were kind enough to provide their materials and we’ve provided contact information for each in case you’d like to explore working with them further.

We typically provide outsourced financial and strategy analysis to businesses producing over $400,000 in revenue. Recognizing many new entrepreneurs can’t yet afford our one-on-one services, we designed this course to be accessible for new and aspiring business owners. We hope this saves you the countless hours we all spent Googling often conflicting information through the business building phase!

Check out the whole course for yourself, and don't miss episode 2 featuring a certain web geek!

Full Course:

CJ's Episode:


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