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Monday, 16 March 2020 11:11

It's time to be online!

Written by

It's all over the news... the virus is changing the way people live and how they go to work.

Restaurants are shutting their doors and changing to delivery or pick-up only service.
Events, meetings, church and group gatherings are being cancelled or postponed.

But something amazing is happening at the same time...
People are coming together and supporting one another. I’m hearing stories of strangers helping other strangers to shop for groceries and other needs when they are too scared to go in public or to the store. We’re looking to help each other and find alternative solutions. And in-person meetings and gatherings are moving online!

Don’t let this slow you down... Let’s look for other options! And let’s use all our online resources to help us stay connected now more than ever!

One of the easiest things you can do is sign up for a free Zoom account.

This incredible online platform allows you to meet “face to face” via a video chat and/or share your screens for presentations or collaborative work. You can meet just one to one, or gather a whole room together for a meeting, or have one presenter and many attendees / viewers.

If you want to host your own meetings, Sign up for your own Free account here:

Sign up for your Free Zoom account here

If you just want to attend someone else’s meeting, you can Join a Meeting Here: ...using a Meeting ID that they will give you.

Join a Meeting Here

Or they may send you a direct link to use to connect to their pre-scheduled meeting.

Either way, when you connect to the meeting, the website will download a little piece of software that allows you to connect together.

the website will download a little piece of software that allows you to connect together

You will have to tell your computer to “Allow” “Accept” “Approve” or whatever else it asks you, as you give it permission to install the software and access your speakers, microphone, camera, etc.

Note – It will prompt you separately if you want to connect the Audio through your device/computer and in most cases - Yes, you DO want that. (so you can hear.)

That’s the minimum you need to do to get set up and connected.

From there, there are all kinds of settings you can configure. And it’s a up to a combination of those settings to determine whether you enter a meeting with your microphone and video camera enabled or disabled.

Look for the icons telling you if you’re muted or not (Audio) or visible or not (Video/Camera)...

DESKTOP - Look for the icons telling you if you’re muted or visible MOBILE - Look for the icons telling you if you’re muted or visible

Check out Episode 27 of AskAWebGeek where we’ll be going over this information together during our “Featured Topic of the Week.”

AND Join us Online as we attempt to do Virtual Business Networking!

I thought, “Well, if we have to stop meeting in person, let’s use this time to stay connected by having our usual ‘in-person’ networking meetings via Zoom!”

So, that’s what we’re doing!

Join us Thursday or Friday for our EE Virtual Networking!

11:30a -- CJ is available to help folks log in and get settled
12:00p -- We "begin" our meeting, running through our "normal" agenda

Thursday EE Virtual Networking
First Meeting: Mar 19, 2020 11:30 AM Pacific Time
Connect Directly:
(Or use Meeting ID: 363 288 814)

Friday EE Virtual Networking
First Meeting: Mar 20, 2020 11:30 AM Pacific Time
Connect Directly:
(Or use Meeting ID: 690 801 657)

Let’s stay connected and encouraged during this time!

I look forward to seeing how people embrace this challenge and innovate!

What ideas do you have?
Do you need any help?
Please let me know how I can support you.

And I’ll see you ONLINE!

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