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Monday, 05 August 2019 16:44

Start Your Day Right

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There are many things that make up a good morning routine. But I'm not here to tell you what to do with your alarm clock, diet, or exercise program...!

I want to talk to you about a free resource that will put you in the best possible mindset for a well-organized and productive day!

Every morning at 7:45a PT, my mentor Eric Lofholm leads a free 15-min motivation call.

I listen to the call (live or recorded) every day!

You can listen to the live call by dialing in first thing in the morning. Of if that doesn't fit your schedule, you can catch the replay later that day on youtube or his podcast website. He makes it quick and easy to get every day's motivational and educational tips at the best time and method for you!

Use my quick-link below to check out his website, and while you're there, fill out the quick form to get all the details of the call sent right to your email for easy reference.

Learn more...

If you can make the live call, make sure to dial in 5 minutes early to say "Hi!" See you there!

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