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Monday, 22 July 2019 16:20

Ask a Web Geek!

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Guess what?! I'm creating a weekly LIVE Facebook (and YouTube) show - "Ask a Web Geek" !

"Ask a Web Geek" is a weekly LIVE show hosted by CJ Gilbert and starring your questions!

There are three ways to get involved....

- JOIN our Facebook Group to ask your questions and JOIN the LIVE show...

Join on Facebook

Ask all your questions in our Facebook group (or by tweeting us) anytime during the week, and then join the LIVE show every Wednesday at 9am PT / Noon ET. Each week, we'll personally address all your specific questions about websites, online marketing, online tools, social media and more LIVE!

- WATCH it (again) when the video is published to YouTube.

Subscribe on YouTube

...great for reviewing important details when you're working on something later! Pause, rewind and re-watch as often as you need to get it just right!

- LISTEN in when the audio podcast hits the airwaves!

iTunes Google Website RSS

...great for on-the-go, in-the-gym, in-the-car study time! Find all those golden nuggets you missed the first time! You won't believe what you'll find on the second listen..! (...and third, and fourth...)

For more information and to find the latest links and episodes, visit our website at .

You can also FOLLOW and TWEET us at @askawebgeek !

It's my pleasure to guide you through the web jungle... one step at a time!

Stay Hydrated!

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