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Monday, 15 July 2019 11:11

Every Two Seconds!?

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Did you know...? Someone's identity is stolen every 2 seconds!

Unfortunately, this has become "the new norm" ...! You've got to actively protect all the sensitive information of yourself, your family and your children.

There are smart steps you can take to decrease your risk -- like being aware of your surroundings when using a credit or debit card or an ATM -- but unfortunately, that's not enough!

Every day, news stories tell us of the data breaches of large institutions, and how your private financial information was just compromised, through no fault of your own!

And it doesn't stop with your financial information...!

Did you know... They can hack into your medical records and use your health insurance to pay for their own treatments! And then... *Their* medical information is added to your records; and I don't need to tell you how dangerous that can be when they give you the wrong medicine, or mistreat your allergies, or at the very least disqualify you for life insurance because of your "pre-existing" conditions that you know nothing about!

Children are even at risk! They can spoof your child's social security number and begin to use their credit totally without your knowledge! It's something you won't even find out about until your child reaches 18 and starts applying for their own credit. Too late! Your credit is ruined before you even began, kid!

How about your social media? A few weeks ago, I recorded a facebook live to inform my friends that my name and image were being used to scam them! No one is immune.

This is a new problem that is just going to get worse as our technologies increase and change and grow. It is dangerous, and it is not selective. There is no prejudice based on age, gender, race, religion, nationality, country of origin, occupation, financial means, education or any other discriminating factor. You need to be informed of the problem and take action to protect yourself and your family.

Has this happened to you?

As I'm talking more and more about this with people, nearly everyone tells me a story of how it's happened to them! Many of them tell me their credit card was used across the country to rack up payments of all kinds; someone else had an international flight charged to her card; and someone else told me his wallet was stolen and left at the scene of a crime! Knock, knock... Hello, you're under arrest!

Comment below... Has this happened to you? What happened?

What can be done?

Thankfully, there is now an affordable service to safeguard yourself and your family against all the various ways they are targeting you!

In fact, I think it is so important, I have added it as an official service of my business!

Please read more about our very important Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection service here.

Protect You and Yours!

It's a Jungle out here!

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