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Thomas Morton

The web page that CJ designed for me is a great website. He also made it very easy for me to add to and edit my blog.

-- Thomas Morton, July 10, 2014

Scott Moore

C.J. is great to work with. Very knowledgeable and has excellent suggestions on how to improve our web presence. He communicates effectively and takes the time to explain the overall plan. Our team really enjoys working with him.

-- Scott Moore, July 10, 2014

Michael E. Robinson

C.J. was great to work with, he listened to my needs and was responsive to my request but kept us on track to get the job done. Well done.

-- Michael E. Robinson, July 9, 2014

Jason Weber

CJ is amazing. He has gone above and beyond for me in a multitude of ways in the social media and website development arenas. He just went overtime on the phone on a 3-way-call with my hosting company to make sure everything was done correctly, etc... He is super friendly, professional, efficient, caring, and a great communicator! I cannot recommend his services enough! Thank you CJ!!! :)

-- Jason Weber, June 5, 2014

Skip Joannes

C.J. is a great web designer who has a great personality and actually does what he promises to do for a very good price!

-- Skip Joannes, July 9, 2013
::: Principal, www.gracechristianschools.com

Wes Burton

CJ is a consummate professional and amazing to work with. He works fast, is dedicated and thinks on his own to resolve hiccups that always come up while developing websites. I recommend CJ to anyone.

-- Wes Burton, July 9, 2013

Connie Russert

Beyond his unquestionable expertise, C.J. gentle presence and supportive words were comforting and assuring for me as we went through the process of developing an inviting presence on the web.

-- Connie Russert, October 3, 2012

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